What type of software monitors network traffic?

Monitoring the network’s traffic is an excellent way to know what’s going on inside your networks. You can assess how your network is functioning and identify the type of activities and actions performed by those who are connected to the network. This allows you to spot problems with your network and operations which could cause unintentional downtime and security issues.

What Is Network Monitoring Software?

The accurate method to collect the, track, analyze, and use information about network traffic is through together software that monitors traffic on networks. The accurate network monitoring software will benefit you find important data like performance stats, usage statistics of bandwidth depending on the type or application of traffic, patterns in usage over time, user experience, as well as other metrics. It could additionally benefit you:

  • Find out which protocols and programs use the highest bandwidth
  • Find out about the users, devices or services that consume bandwidth and reduce the speed of the network.
  • Find out if bandwidth is effectively distributed efficaciously throughout the network.
  • Stop the possibility of network outages.

Basically, monitoring network traffic applications is able to benefit you definitely analyses and monitor network traffic to pinpoint the root of performance issues. This software can also speed up the process of troubleshooting.

What are some examples of network monitoring software?

Software for monitoring traffic on the network is classified in these types:

  • Monitoring availability
  • Monitoring of configuration
  • Monitoring of performance
  • Monitoring cloud infrastructure

Some notable examples include:

  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
  • Atera
  • Datadog
  • ManageEngine OpManager
  • Dotcom-Monitor
  • Site24x7 Network Monitoring
  • PRTG Network Monitor
  • Zabbix
  • LogicMonitor
  • Spiceworks

What is the best network monitoring software?

Network Monitoring Software
Network Monitoring Software

When it comes to choosing the right software for monitoring networks there’s a lot of options due to the huge amount of software available that are available. You must however, look for a program that’s appropriate to your specific requirements and is designed to function within the specific setting you have. To benefit you start Let’s look at the accurate network monitoring software that is available.

ConnectWise Automated Network Monitoring Software

ConnectWise Automation is a comprehensive Remote monitoring and administration tool that allows you to remotely connect to endpoint devices and monitor the performance, availability and overall health that is present on your network(s). You can either manually or automatically deal with security-related and performance problems without disrupting user connection and activities. ConnectWise Automate allows you to ConnectWise Automate, you can review reports, monitor and review remote control sessions in addition to monitor and record access to agent and non-agentless devices.

LabTech Network Monitoring Software

LabTech is a powerful, yet inexpensive software solution that allows remote control, monitoring, and administration of IT assets. LabTech’s remote management and monitoring (RMM) platform allows you to monitor remotely the intricate mixture of hardware, software and human components that comprise your network. It gives you the complete picture of your network’s health through continually checking network traffic protocols ports devices, services, and activities in order to solve and identify operational problems and increase the performance of your network.

Is there any free network monitoring software?

There are many free solutions for monitoring networks available out there. A few examples are Zabbix, Spiceworks Network Monitor and Pressler PRTG Network Monitor.

While these free tools for monitoring your network are able to benefit you track, detect and fix problems with your network’s performance However, they are severely limited. They’re not suited to controlling large network sizes, help in providing inadequate support and they aren’t usually flexible or adaptable and don’t offer remote monitoring or automation features.


In conclusion, choosing the best kind of software to monitor the network traffic is essential to keeping high-quality security and integrity of the networks that organizations use. It doesn’t matter if it’s analysing each packet with packet sniffers, or gaining an understanding of patterns in traffic with NetFlow analyzers, or combining security features by integrating UTM devices, or maximizing network performance using NPMD tools, businesses have many choices to select according to their particular needs.

With these software solutions effectively businesses can recognize and combat security threats and optimize the performance of networks, assure compliance with regulations and finally, increase the efficiency of their operations in today’s ever-changing digital world.

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